About DanceScore

The DanceScore environment is a mixture of HTTP assets and Microsoft Access files. Users can mix and match the various modules to create the management solutions best suited to their conditions. For example the governing body in Australia manages all competitor registrations on-line and downloads all entries directly into the DanceScore main scrutineering module. When the competition is concluded the results are sent back to an on-line database which automatically creates Ranking data for the competitors and their results are used for administering competitors Grades.

This is an example of total integration, there are other examples of partial integration as well as simple stand alone use by sole Scrutineers.

The original DanceScore program was started in 1982 for the Australian Championship. At that time it was solely designed for Scrutineering using the Skating System. The competition organiser at the time was looking for a more efficient way of processing the huge amount of information that was required at this event.

It must be remembered that in 1982 computers were very new and a novelty. In fact the original program was written on a Tandy TRS80 with just 16k of memory (that's 16KB not 16GB). Today you get more memory in a child's toy that you get from McDonalds in a Happy Meal.

The DanceScore Mission

To provide the DanceSport Community a cost effective (and where possible free of charge) Competition Organising and Scrutineering service.

When DanceScore was first conceived it was simply about the 'paper work'. In recent years however our focus is not simply reducing the repetitive work done by Competition Organisers and Scrutineers but adding value to the Ballroom/DanceSport scene.

This has been done by providing tools that Organisers can use to benefit Adjudicators, Competitors and the paying public.

Some examples of this are …

The Adjudicator Tablets allow Adjudicators more time to assess competitors whilst providing 100% accuracy. No more printing of Adjudicator Cards!

Competitors benefit from this technology by getting their recall results instantly and most importantly accurately. All couples are tracked throughout their events regardless of whether they have received any Adjudicator Marks. True Ranking Systems can use this data automatically.

Competition Organisers can confidently load all the competition's results to their website creating traffic for themselves and advertisers. Organisers can also use the system to print personalised Place Certificates and if Organisers use our on-line entry system they can be assured of accuracy in the spelling of competitor names.

One of the most important aspects of DanceScore is its ability to entertain the paying public with features such as video output for various elements of the competition. Recall Notices for competitors making the next round in an event can be loaded directly to the internet allowing the public to access Reports that are generally only found in the Marshalling Area. Now family and supporters can follow their favourites through the days proceedings.

The DanceScore System has grown and continues to grow through the effort of like minded people who enjoy what the DanceSport industry brings.

Collaboration and feedback from the hundreds of users worldwide continues to expand what was initially a simple scrutineering program to the world leading system it is today.

DanceScore is now used by more Competition Organisers and Scrutineers around the globe than any other DanceSport software.


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