Introduction to DanceScore

A Scrutineering program is basically a database of all those items required to run a DanceSport Competition with the addition of an algorithm to apply the rules of Scrutineering. The DanceScore System is an extension to this basic scrutineering program that allows users the ability of fully automating the collection of Adjudicator's marks and the Results that follow.

The centre point of the DanceScore is the main Scrutineering module which when downloaded and extracted form the zip file will look some thing like: DanceScore V7-2-01.mde (zip file download is approx. 4mb).

This is a Microsoft Access file, it contains all the database tables and code to process results, import/export data (including HTML Result files for your website), create various running orders (timed and untimed) and produce outline files for a PowerPoint display. This main module also administers the data required for the Adjudicator Tablets.

You may use multiple PC on a network as the main module can be run in Terminal Mode which then shares data with your main PC/Laptop. The advantage of this configuration is that data is duplicated automatically from the 'Server' to the 'Terminal' providing greater redundancy.